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IntPrint - Drukarnia wielkoformatowa


  • The goods sent by post must be checked upon receipt of the parcel. Any complaint concerning the quality and the quantity of the merchandise will not be admissible after reception and acceptance.

  • The goods can not be exchanged or refunded.

  • The finished products are packed in cubes or rolls (depending on the substrate). Any request for specific or non-standard packaging will be the subject of a written and detailed description of the buyer (form of folding, packaging).

  • Shipping, insurance will be determined by the customer in writing, when ordering. The cost of transportation is the responsibility of the buyer.

  • The loss of the goods will fall directly to the carrier, the sender can not be responsible.

  • The shipper can also be held responsible for non-compliance with the delivery time, if the latter is attributable to the carrier.

Shipping cost:

  • up to 30 kg (width 1.9 m) maximum - 21 eur net

  • up to 40 kg (width 1.9 m) maximum - 34 eur net

  • Rates for the shipment of large volumes will be the subject of a personalized calculation.

Delivery time: about 3-4 working days.


All claims must be submitted in writing 3 business days after receipt of the order. In case of complaint and after verification, we promise to give you satisfaction within 7 working days.

We draw your attention to the fact that we do not accept any liability for complaints about errors in the print files (especially the file size and colors). We therefore kindly ask you to verify that the data you have sent us meets our technical criteria.

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